Team Challenge is for groups who want to work on improving the team's ability to communicate and collaborate, and contributes to the team needing different competencies. Here the focus is on everyone's participation and ability to contribute to the group's common success.


VestEvent sets the framework with i.a. GPS records at the location so that your team is challenged to reach the goal together.


Keywords: Social relationships, cooperation, community, trust, communication and unique experiences.


After a welcome and short intro to the use of gps, all teams are sent off in different groups.

The philosophy is that the team must work together to find locations and here solve the challenges as a unified team.


During all tasks, VestEvent will focus on the team's ability to:


  • Communication and collaboration

  • Involvement of all participants in the group

  • Ability to find the individual's core competencies, and make use of these together

  • Maintaining the positive spirit of the team

  • These observations should form the framework for the selection of the best group of the day.



VestEvent sets the framework so that your team achieves challenges that bring you out of the comfort zone and provide shared memories for life.

If you see yourself as a good and well-established unit that is not afraid of the words development and effective communication, then our Team Race setup in nature is definitely a good match.

Based on coast, forest and dunes, is built for the day, physical course of action in nature.

From here, teams must compete against teams in tasks that can be both physical but also mentally demanding.

The purpose of the challenge is to see how the individual team approaches the tasks when they emerge, both the planned but also the unexpected challenges.

Keywords: High heart rate, dynamism, competition, unique experiences.

During all tasks, VestEvent will focus on the team's ability to:

  • Use of individual core competencies as a team

  • Ability to maintain the positive spirit, even in pressured situations

  • Find creative solutions, even in unexpected situations

  • Machining of individual comfort zones

  • These observations should form the framework for the selection of the best group of the day

The course to be completed as a group is typically about 600 meters long and contains up to 12 different stop tasks, which must be completed before the further journey.



If you want a shared experience out of the ordinary, help build your own camp area with VestEvent.

The primary purpose of the trip is the social, to create togetherness or maybe even to get to know each other in a whole new way.

We are in possession of large Finnish Sami tents, which create the setting and a special camp atmosphere. If there are special requests for camp locations, we will do our best to accommodate them.

You set up your own camp, chop firewood, make coffee and prepare food over a fire, etc. Along the way, you get challenges and learn outdoor techniques that bring community and coziness to the team.


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