Terms of Trade

Online Registration
At outnature.dk you can register one or more persons to one or more of Outnature's events.

Check your registration

To avoid errors, make sure that all your shipping information is correct and that the registration applies to the correct arrangements. It is especially important that the entered email address that is used to send confirmation/email receipt is correct. 

Payment/prices and handling fee

The payment for your online registration will be deducted from your bank within two days after your order is registered and your credit card approved. The registration fee for events is, as a rule, VAT-free, cf. Danish legislation on amateur sports. It is solely the responsibility of the organizer to deal with VAT matters and any. settlement there of for each event. However, the handling fee is subject to VAT. Once signed up, the amount paid is non-refundable.

Terms of agreement

A binding purchase agreement is only entered into between the organizer and the registration holder ("you / you") once Outnature has registered and received payment and you have received an order receipt.

Product liability, right of revocation

Pursuant to the "Act on certain consumer agreements section 17 (2), cf. section 9 (2) (2a)", the purchase of registrations is not covered by the right of revocation.


Refunds of deposits will therefore not be refunded by Outnature. It is up to Outnature if there are any special circumstances that indicate repayment of deposit. If you have any questions or comments regarding matters concerning the events, please contact: tel: 20607071



An event is cancelled if the event is not carried out at all. Changes in performance, location, timing as well as partial completion of the event, etc. is therefore not a cancellation and the money is usually not refundable.



Tickets purchased are refundable only in the event of cancellation. It is Outnature who, as your contracting party, is responsible for reimbursing the purchase price in case of cancellation. The refund is made to the payment card used to purchase the registration.


By using a credit card, bank transfer and EAN, Outnature will not be liable to you for your loss as a result of the organizer's payment suspension, bankruptcy, cancellation of the event or any other shortcomings regarding the event. You agree to be barred from making such claims against Outnature (run byVestEvent Aps).



Outnature assumes no responsibility to you, other than what is stated in the above and mandatory legislation. Outnature cannot be held responsible for indirect or consequential damages, including loss or damage to data.



Outnature reserves the right to cancel issued tickets upon reimbursement of the ticket price and fees.

Outnature makes reservations for errors in pricing information and for sold out events.

Outnature is solely responsible for the ticket buyer's possible direct loss, the responsibility of which is in accordance with the general rules of Danish law. In such cases, Outnaturet's liability is limited to the fee paid.


Outnature only collects information to process your registration for a sporting event, and to maintain a regular relationship between participant and organizer. The information will never be passed on or sold to third parties.

See our privacy policy for more information.


It is safe to use online registration at www.outnature.dk

The payment system at OutNature's Internet store is secured against abuse with a so-called SSL solution. SSL is a system that encrypts all the Dankort and credit card information you send to us. This means that neither we nor others (except Nets / Teller / Bambora) can provide information about your card. The SSL system also ensures that data between your browser and our server cannot be changed.


Payment options

When you sign up for an event, you can pay with Dankort, eDankort, VISA / Dankort, VISA, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB Cards, American Express and Mobile Pay.

Reservations for errors and omissions

Outnature makes reservations for any errors and omissions in pricing and event descriptions.